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Skype has lots of hidden smilies and emoticons that you can use right now for free, all you need to know is the secret code to find those hidden smileys! On this page we list all the hidden skype smileys we know so that you can use them to impress your friends!

Skype Smileys

Skype Happy Emoticon
Smiley: :) or :=) or :-)

Skype Sad Emoticon
Sad Smiley: :( or :=( or :-(

Skype Big Emoticon
Big Smile: :D or :=D or :-D or :d or :=d or :-d

Skype Cool Emoticon
Cool: 8) or 8=) or 8-) or B) or B=) or B-) or (cool)

Skype Wink Emoticon
Wink: >;)

Skype Crying Emoticon
Crying: ;( or ;-( or ;=(

Skype Sweaty Emoticon
Sweaty Smiley: >(sweat) or (:|

Skype Speechless Emoticon
Speechless: :| or :=| or :-|

Skype Kissing Emoticon
Kissing Smiley: :* or :=* or :-*

Skype Tongue Emoticon
Tongue Emoticon: :P or :=P or :-P or :p or :=p or :-p

Skype Blushing Emoticon
Blushing smiley: (blush) or :$ or :-$ or :=$

Skype Wondering Emoticon

Skype Sleeping Emoticon
Sleepy emoticon: |-) or I-) or I=) or (snooze)

Skype Dull Emoticon
Dull smiley |( or |-( or |=(

Skype In Love Emoticon
In love: (inlove)

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