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The first sideways smiley :) was used by a chap called Scott E Fahlman back in 1982! The text smiley generally consists of eyes and a mouth, with a few added extras for the more inventive of you out there! Here are some guidelines to creating your own sideways text smileys and emoticons. Many different variations can be used but generally all follow the same rules, look below for a list of some smileys you can use and their meanings!

Example Smiley Faces

Icon Meaning
:) Standard smile
:-) With nose
:-E Buck-tooth
>-) Evil grin
:( Sad or frown smile
:-( Sad with nose
:-< Super sad
:P Sticking tongue out (raspberry)
(((H))) Hugs
:-X Kiss on the lips
`:-) One eyebrow raised
:^) A broken nose
:-& tongue tied
E-:-) a Ham radio operator
Icon Meaning
:-# With braces
:'-) Happy Crying
{:-) Toupee smile
;) Winking smile
;-) Winking smile with nose
O:-) I'm an angel (boy)
O*-) I'm an angel (girl)
|-O Yawn
(:-D Gossip, blabbermouth
@>--;-- Rose
@-}--- Rose
=^.^= Cat
O.o Confused
C=:-) A chef
A bunny
Icon Meaning
:-! "Foot in mouth"
:-D Laughter
:*) Drunk smile
:@ Exclamation "What???"
:-@ Scream
:-0 Yell
%-( Confused
:-----) Long nose (Liar!)
:-.) Madonna
:-($) Put your money where your mouth is
(:I An egghead
|-O Yawning
:@) Pig smile

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